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 Have fun with your free million dollar bill. Leave this fake money as a tip, or hand out our free million dollar bills as funny money to your clients.


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  Our free million dollar bills look just like REAL MONEY. These are some of the most authentic million dollar bills ever printed and include unique seals, original looking emblems, numbers, realistic money colors and many more authentic looking "money" markings. Even the size is the exact size of real U.S. money!  
  You should of course know that the U.S. government never actually printed a real million dollar bill so these bills are not real enough to spend (and you sure wouldn't want to try it), however they are 100% legal to own by anyone as fun novelty bills.  

Free million dollar bills make great gag gifts plus you can hand out a free million dollar bill to your friends, they will like the funny gag money there's no doubt.

  Million dollar bills are gag money, joke money or fake money and are a blast for your friends and family. Our million dollar bills make for a really great money gag gift. They are LOADS of fun!  
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I understand that along with my free million dollar bill I will receive a special offer order form to purchase additional million dollar bills at discounted prices, but that I am under no obligation to make any such purchases.

The postal mailing address I am submitting is my own and I understand that it will not be shared with any other company or third party. Only one request per household will be honored.

Fake million dollar bills are a great gag gift as joke money and funny money. Use them as gag money business cards or use our free million dollar bill as a tip at your favorite restaurant (just be sure to leave a real tip too).




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  • Fund Raisers - Sell these Million Dollar Bills to raise money, by them for a few pennies each and then sell them for a mere dollar - Your church fundraiser (or really any fundraiser) will never be as easy and fun as this.
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